ELI, a System for Programming with Arrays


Version 0.3

ELI version 0.3 ELI New has been released on August 10, 2015. In this new version, ELI system has been greatly improved by adding several useful functions for database systems. The debut of ELI Studio shows a preliminary, but productive IDE for developers, especially for beginners. Moreover, ELI Studio is a cross-platform version for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

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Prior Version 0.2a

The last stable ELI interpreter was released on November 30, 2013. At the time, it supported most of the functionality of the ISO APL standard. Moreover, we introduced dictionaries, tables and SQL-like statements to enhance ELI system. Compared with a compiled language, an interpreted language is more attractive to users by providing an interactive environment. Two tutorials have been released since the last update: <Programming with arrays> and <ELI for Kids>. Moreover, ELI primer and other documents also have been updated and can be found in online documents.

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Many new features are introduced in this newly released version; we also fixed several old bugs and made effort to improve the ELI system.

ELI Studio



Printing Precision Control

Performance Measurement

Standard Input

Date-Time Attributes

File Handle

Semi Colon (;)

More Data types


ELI Studio

The main reason we introduce ELI studio is to offer a consistent release for cross-platform ELI system. Because in prior versions we only support GUI on Windows, people with Linux and Mac OS have to use command line input. In fact, popular Linux versions (i.e. Ubuntu) and Mac OS have an excellent GUI interface for users. With an integrated development environment (IDE), newbies have less stress to learn a new programming language.

The ELI Studio has two parts: main window and code editor. The main window is a terminal window which enables developers to test their code easily. Since ELI provides scripting facilities (eli script file, called esf), a code editor is a good addition for developers to build and test scripts efficiently.

Main Window

Inherited from previous ELI version on Windows, the main window accepts the basic layouts with normal six spaces ahead of an input line to clearly differentiate with the following line of system response. Also, multiple line editing (see example 1) is enabled.

There are some new features as follows.

Code Editor

Code Editor is an option for users to easily write and test code in ELI interpreter environment. It is designed for fast loading of scripts and line-by-line execution. Other than basic operations such as editing (i.e. load, save, undo and redo), it provides the following features for ELI developers.

Future Improvement

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